Friday, 6 July 2018

Mysore Pesarattu Dosa Recipe

Todays recipe is Mysore Pesarattu dosa. I tasted this dosa dring my stay in hyderabad ...

Now whats pesarattu ?

Pesarattu(Telugu: పెసరట్టు), is a crepe-like bread unique to Telugu cuisine that is similar to dosa. It is made with batter of green gram (moong dal), but unlike a dosa, it does not contain urad dal. 
Pesarattu is eaten both in breakfast and as snack that popular in Andhra Pradesh state in India. It is typically served with ginger or tamarind chutney.Green chillies, ginger and onions are used in different variants of this snack.

A variety of pesarattu served with upma is known as MLA pesarattu, which came to be known after it was popular in MLA quarters restaurants in Hyderabad.
 Upma pesarattu is a favourite in coastal Andhra region especially the Guntur, Krishna, East Godavari and West Godavari districts.

Paired with the tiffin sambar, coriander chutney ,white coconut idli chutney and ginger chutney ( Andhra allam pachadi ) it was quite a different treat! 

I thought of giving it a twist by adding red chilli garlic mysore chutney which is smeared while making Mysore Masala dosa and a new dimension was added to the regular pesarattu..
I made the Pesarattu dosa with green moong dal but you can even use whole green moong beans
Pesarattu taste yum even without upma too as we have onion, green chili and cumin seeds sprinkled so you can skip upma filling


To Grind

2 Cups - Hara Moong Dal/Green Gram
1/4 Cup - Rice
3 to 4- Green Chili
1 tsp - Chopped Ginger
2 garlic cloves 
1 small bunch coriander leaves
1 tsp - Cumin Seeds
To Taste - Salt/Namak

Filling for pesarattu 
2 Medium - Onions
4 - Green Chillies
2 tsp - Cumin Seeds
To Cook – Oil/Ghee

Red chilli chutney

1/4 cup - chanadal
 4 to 5 nos - Red chili
 4-5 garlic flakes
1 tsp tamarind
1 tablespoon – coconut/ 3 madras sambhar onion/ 1 medium onion
Salt to taste

tiffin sambar, coriander chutney ,white coconut idli chutney and ginger chutney,rava upma


 1. soak the moong beans and rice overnight(or atleast 5 hours) in enough water. next morning drain water rinse it few times and Grind together with rest of the ingredients and some salt + water to make batter of pouring consistency

2. Meanwhile roast cumin seeds slightly , finely chop onion and green chilies, mix together crushed cumin, chopped onion and green chili.keep aside.

3.Heat oil in a pan or kadai, add roasted gram (chana dal), dry red chili and roast in medium flame until it becomes light brown, add chopped onion, garlic and saute for another 1-2 mins, off flame and allow to cool.Grind roasted ingredients with salt, tamarind with little water to make thick chutney. (add 1 tbsp water at a time, not to make chutney watery).

4. Heat a tawa and spread one ladle-full of batter into a dosa.Spread it thinner for a crisper version, . Drizzle with some oil and let it cook covered on medium heat for 2 minutes .

When dosa is about to done, spread red chutney and put spread the minced onions,chilli cumin mixture on top .drizzle oil or ghee over edges, cook for 1 minutes in high to medium flame. Remove cover and check if pesarattu is cooked if not cover and cook again for 30 secs to a minute.

5. Apply ghee or oil on top and cook for 30 seconds to a minute to make pesarattu more crispy.

6.Serve hot with sambar, coriander chutney ,white coconut idli chutney and ginger chutney ( Andhra allam pachadi)

1. You can even use potato masala (palya) filling instead of onion green chilli mixture to make Mysore Masala Pesarattu
2.The dosa can be made with whole moong beans or spilt moong lentils which are also known as green gram in English.For a more nutritious pesarattu, use moong dal sprouts instead of the whole beans

3.You can add rice flour instead of raw rice but grinding the rice along with the dal gives a coarse texture to the pesarattu which I personally love  

Friday, 15 September 2017

Tomato upma recipe ,How to make Tomato Rava Upma

Upma is a popular breakfast in maharashtra and south India

upma and poha are two breakfast dishes i make when i am in a hurry as they are quick to prepare with easily available ingredients.

I prepare it with the standard upma seasoning redolent with the fresh flavor of curry leaves and green chillis, and tomatoes being the main star ingredient.

 the reason being i like a  recipes made with tomatoes. the tang from the tomatoes uplifts the overall flavor in this upma which is tangy and  spicy.

i have not added any veggie except tomato but you may add carrots,green peas,beans,corns etc in addition to tomato to enhance nutrition value

 tomato upma is best served hot drizzled with a bit of ghee on top.

For variation i have added 1/4 tsp red chilli powder ,in case you are not using red chilli powder you can increase green/red chilli to 3 or 4 .also you can try adding 1 tbsp sambhar powder , bisi bele bath masala powder or vangi bath powder in this tomato upma.

•1 cups semolina (rava-medium size),
 •2 1/2 to 3 cups water,
 •2 chopped tomato
 •1 onion chopped
 •2 red/green chilies, 1  teaspoon(s) ginger chopped
 •1/4 cup soaked and shelled peanuts or broken cashewnuts,
 •2 tsp sugar,
 •salt to taste,¼  tsp red chilli powder/lal mirch powder (can also add vangi bath powder or bisi bele bath powder)
 •2 tbsp ghee (clarified butter) /oil,
 •2 tsp mustard seeds + 2 tsp split black gram (udid dal)+1 tbsp bengal gram (chana dal)
 •1/2 teaspoon asafoetida,
 •10-12 curry leaves,
 •coconut and coriander leaves for garnishing.


1.Put 1 tsp ghee in a pan. Roast rava over medium heat till the color changes to golden brown and it gives out nice aroma. (for 10 to 15 minutes)
 2.Keep water to boil in a pan
 3.Heat ghee/oil in a pan.add hing. Add urad dal,bengal gram, mustard. As the dal turns reddish, alternatively, when the mustard seeds crackle, add asafoetida, chilies, curry leaves,chopped ginger and peanuts or cashewnuts. Fry for some time. Add tomato & chopped onion, & saute for 2 add rawa & mix it well. Add salt and sugar and keep stirring
 4.When the water comes to a boil, add water slowly  mixing after each addition, to keep from forming lumps.. Remove the lumps, if any
 5.Now cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes. Add 2 tsp ghee and again sprinkle some water over the uppama to make it soft. Cover for a minute.squeeze 1 tspn lemon juice.
 6.Garnish with coconut and coriander leaves. drizzle 1 tsp ghee on each bowl and serve hot with mango or chili pickle.

Tips and Variations:

1)corn kernals,green peas, chopped carrots, can be added for a different taste.
2)The proportion mentioned here is for medium size semolina. You may use coarse semolina. Then, for 2 cups of semolina, use 4 to 5 cups of water. For fine rava, reduce the amount of water to 3 cups.
3)Drizzle a little bit of ghee on top before serving.
4)Try garnishing with 'shev/sev' (fried noodles).
5)Ghee is very important to impart flavor to this dish. A combination of oil and ghee/butter can also be used.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Amla Rice,Nellikai Sadam,Usirikaya pulihora,Gooseberry Rice Recipe

Amla / Awla / Gooseberry is a super fruit and it has numerous health benefits.

Amla(known as 'usirikaya' in telugu and 'nellikai' in tamil and kannada) is rich in vitamin C and is very essential to include it in our diet frequently.

 One should eat amla daily as it is well known for its health benefits and is proved to be the best immune boosters. It is high in vitamin C and a great source of antioxidants.

It helps to control diabetes, heart diseases and protects us from cancer. Due to its high anti-oxidants, it slows down ageing.

This amla rice recipe is  called as usirikaya pulihora in telugu.....I made it simple just like lemon rice.

Cooked Rice - 1 and 1/4 cups
Amla - 1/2 cup heaped grated

To temper
Urad Dal - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves - a small sprig
Oil - 1 tbsp + 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds - 3/4 tsp
Chana Dal - 2 tsp
8-10 Cashew nuts,broken
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Red Chillies - 2
green chillies - 1
Peanuts - 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Hing - a small pinch

Method :
1.Wash and soak the rice for 10 to 15 minutes with 2 cups of water.Prepare the rice either in pressure cooker or rice cooker.spread it with a tsp of oil.Cool the rice completely.
2.Wash amla, grate it using a grater,Discard the seeds...Set aside.Heat oil in a pan - add the items under 'to temper' table, let mustard seeds splutter.
3.Fry till dals turn golden brown then add grated amla and saute for 2-3mins.
4.Add cooked rice to the amla seasoning and mix gently.
5.Serve hot with papad or any curry of your choice.

Use amla as per sourness of amla. Some amla are very sour and may make the rice very sour.
You can use leftover rice too to make variety rice.If you are using hot rice,make it well in advance fluff and spread it with oil and keep aside.
If you wish you can even add onion for extra crunch.
Adjust the number of green chillies in the recipe accordingly.I prefer to make this rice spicy and tangy.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Pudina paratha recipe, Mint lachha paratha,restaurant style pudina paratha recipe

Mint or pudina is supposed to make a cooling with summer approaching presenting my first summer recipe pudina paratha.

this is hotel style paratha recipe where the mint paratha is layered like the lachcha paratha.

Pudina means mint leaves in marathi and hindi and paratha is an unleavened flat bread made from whole wheat flour.
 pudina parathas are crispy, flaky, layered, mint flavored whole wheat flat breads.

they are crisp as well as flaky and need to be served hot. if you plan to serve in the tiffin box, then just make simple paratha without the layers.
i have used fresh mint leaves. though you can also use dried mint leaves. you can also add more or less mint leaves as per your taste. you can serve pudina paratha with a mango pickle, curd or paneer gravy.I had made them for dinner


For dough:
Whole Wheat Flour / Atta - 1 cup
mint leaves 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Water - 1/2 cup or as needed

For mint masala stuffing:
1 cup tightly packed fresh mint leaves or 3-4 tbsp dry mint leaves
1 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
½ tsp fennel seeds/saunf
1 dry red chili, broken and seeds removed or 5-6 pepper corns
1 tbsp chaat masala

Soft Unsalted Butter / Ghee / Oil as needed
Wheat flour as needed for dusting

1.Take flour ,ghee /butter/oil ,mint leaves and salt in a bowl. mix well. Add water slowly and make it into a soft dough. Cover it and let it rest for 30 mins. a pan, add cumin seeds, fennel seeds and roast for half  a minute on a low flame.
next add 1 dry red chili, broken and seeds removed or pepper corns.roast till the cumin seeds become fragrant. remove aside and add them in a dry grinder

3.Now chop mint leaves very finely. Add salt and above masala in it and mix well with your fingers. divide the dough into equal balls.

4 Take a ball and roll it into circle. Spread some butter /ghee/oil all over it and sprinkle flour. Sprinkle mint masala and start pleating. begin to fold from the edges like a fan with pleats.fold towards the end and then roll tightly to a circle. press the loose end at the center downwards.

5.prepare the pleated roll balls like these and keep aside covered to rest for 5 minutes.take one pleated ball and dust some flour on both sides.Now roll it into paratha of 5-6 inches.

6.Heat a tawa. Put paratha in hot tawa.when you see the paratha puffing up at some places and is ¼th cooked then flip.

spread some oil or ghee on this side.flip again and spread some oil or ghee on this side the edges with a spatula so that they are cooked well.flip a couple of times to get even roasting and cooking of the parathas.

7. put them in a casserole or a roti basket in case you are not serving them right away.

8. serve pudina paratha plain with some mango pickle or curd or with a dal fry